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Providing Real Estate Services Nationwide

Why choose us?


Our comprehensive network of Title Searchers, Abstractors, and Examiners allows us to provide coverage in every state in the United States.


Committed to providing Fast and Reliable Real Estate Services that exceed our Client's needs and demands!


The LRA Team is comprised of Professional Executive and Senior staff members all eager to help you with all your Abstract and Reporting needs. Let us know how we can help you!

Featured Products/Services

Historical Property Research

​Search from the original land owner all the way through current.

Tax Status and Certificates

​Guaranteed Tax Certificates (where available) and nationwide property tax status services. Know what the exemptions are, when taxes are due and how much is owed.

Document Retrieval

​From Deeds to Probates to Assignments.
Every county every day.

Maps and Plats

​Full size map and plat retrieval nationwide. We also offer Copies of Recorded Plats and Assessors' Maps.

Judgement & Lien Report

We will provide ALL liens on the subject property and include any judgments against the property owner(s).

Abstract Reports

Current owner, 10 year, 25 year even 50 year searches to include 100% vesting, all liens and any documents affecting said liens, tax status and a full name run on any owner or prior entity in title.

Skinny Reports

(GI Search Not Included) Just like a current owner without the general index search (name check). Includes all of the property information for a smaller price.

Data Compilation Reports

Obtain information from the public records, such as target mortgage, lien position, foreclosure status, HOA liens, etc. per individual customer request and provide in spreadsheet format.

Land Records Abstract Company, LLC

401 E Corporate Drive, Suite 290, Lewisville, Texas 75057

Call us today! 972-434-5900

Other Services

Document Retrieval Services

Nationwide document retrieval. From Deeds to Probates to Assignments. Every county, every day.​

Extensive Reporting​

Any items recovered from the County Clerk's records provided to our customer in the exact format they require. Full reports, spreadsheets or raw copies.

Recording / Research

Nationwide recording services, including e-filing in over 900 counties. Research capabilities in every county and jurisdiction in the country. ​

Land Records Abstract Company, LLC 401 E. Corporate Drive, Ste 290, Lewisville, Texas 75057 - 972-434-5900
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